Where there is a Will ... there's a Way

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Before I start posting the details of the latest relief activities conducted by save-humans, I want to share some "behind the scenes" acts that led to this unique and successful relief effort. The sole purpose of sharing the details is to let our friends and readers know that how honesty, determination and hard-work can make very ordinary people like us do extra ordinary things and can bring a nice change in the lives of many who are waiting for our help out there….

Sufyan, a dear friend and one of the founders of save-humans was on an official visit to Karachi during the first week of August. It was soon after the sad and unforuante disaster of the Airblue aircraft, so naturally we both kept discussing the tragic incident and the mystery around it. We were up late and also discussed our worries on the little projection that the flood affected areas were getting from the media and the slow response by both government and nongovernmental organizations for flood relief. Sufyan had already made some visits to the areas of Charsadda, Nowshera and surroundings and did some initial relief work but we both agreed that we need a plan to start similar efforts that we did during the Swat crisis of IDPs. 

As the days went by, the projection of the disaster by media started getting better. Our friends both from within and outside Pakistan started sending in their generous donations as well. In the meanwhile, we were contacted by an international Islamic bank to help them in conducting their relief effort. The bank came to know about our efforts in the past in different relief activities and contacted us along with some other organizations and asked all of us to submit a proposal that can layout a formal plan for the bank to utilize their relief fund in the most effective and transparent way.

Engaging ourselves in this project meant greater responsibility and a lot of effort. We spoke about it several times, gave the whole idea some careful thoughts and decided to shelve the idea of taking up this challenge and continue with our own smaller relief efforts. As always we have our constraints on resources, time and efforts. Nevertheless we were sure that with such a project, we can cause a bigger impact and a relief effort can be carried out on a much larger scale, which was by all means the need of the moment.

News was pouring in from all corners of the flood affected areas that the relief efforts are not enough and people are really suffering due to shortage of food and medicines in those areas. Just one day before the submission of the proposal, we both crossed our fingers and decided to give it a shot. The thought of reaching out to a larger community for relief efforts in this crucial time of need made us forget our fears of falling out short on resources and getting ourselves overstretched in this entire exercise. We had the will and what you will read onwards is how we got our ways through all that we aimed for.

Our proposal of providing relief food packages and medicines to the affected areas of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwah was accepted :). We proposed to carry out relief work for the Islamic bank in the areas of Shangla, Swat, Charsada, Nowshera, Mardan, Peshawar, Kohat in the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) region. For the Southern Punjab we proposed to carry out relief activity for Rahimyarkhan, Multan, Muzzafargarh, Kot Addu, Jammpur and Sukkur and Kherpur in the province of Sind. We proposed to deliver the foods in selected relief camps operating in these regions with the help of our local representatives. The medicines were aimed to be distributed to medical camps already running in these areas.

We believed that the affected people should be given basic food supplies for at least a month so that they can sustain these harsh conditions till the situation of the affected areas start getting better. We came up with a list of items for the food package which was later on greatly appreciated by the flood affected people as the aid received by them so far never lasted more than 2 –  3 days.

One grocery items package contained the following

Flour 20 kg
Cooking Oil 3 kg
Rice (basmati or Sela) 10 kg
Daal channa 2 kg
Lobia 4 kg
Channa white 2kg
Powder milk 2 kg
Dates 3 kg
Achaar 1 kg
Sugar 3 kg
Salt 1 packet
Match box 1 packet
Hand soap 3
Washing soap 06
Roohafza 1 large
Beson 2 kg
Tea 1 kg
Masala (Spices) 1/2 kg
Siwayyan (vermicelli) 2 packets
Tissue paper Pack of 500 sheet
Sanitary items for ladies 1 pack
Baby pampers 1 pack

So far the spending for the food packages has surpassed 5.7 million PKR and the spending on medicines has been about 1.7 million PKR. For all those who read Sufyan's blog a few days back, where he mentioned save-humans.org aiming to reach around 60,000 - 70,000 people for flood relief... Well we have done it Alhamdulillah. The above mentioned package is enough for 25 - 30 days for a family of 5 -6 persons and we have delivered 1100 of these packages. More details of what has been delivered and distributed so far to these areas will be mentioned in several other posts to come. Looking back at all this now, it only proved once more to us that … Where there is a will, there is a way…

This is to let our friends and readers know that how honesty, determination and hard-work can make very ordinary people like us do extra ordinary things and can bring a nice change in the lives of many who are waiting for our help out there…



It is a great pleasure to know that this organization has managed to get into such a huge aid work. I know we can and we would overcome it.  In fact God sees to what extent we are willing to go and then doors are opened and ways lead to miracles. Keep up the efforts!

Allah Almighty tests his people to refine them and that too only to those whom He loves the most:) That is why we Pakistanis are in constant disaster means in constant tests.