When would we ask this question?

Amazing! Mr George Galloway explains the situation in Karachi so correctly that I doubt if he lives in Pakistan. It is unfortunate that instead of knowing very well what is going on in Sind, government of Pakistan could not ask the British government what Mr Galloway did in his speech. I reckon Karachittes would find Mr Galloway speaking their hearts.

The Talisman of Sultan Saladin!

Dublin is replaced by tourists as Dubliners are out travelling and enjoying the holidays to the fullest leaving the city for tourists to explore. A common habit among the West that they do travel as much as they get opportunity.

Relief work and Save Humans Cooperation

My brother-in-law, a colonel in army was also busy providing relief to affected people in Kashmore. They were in need of medicine for their medical camp. I offered him help on behalf of our NGO save-humans. He sent me a list of required medicines. Save Humans chief coordinator Sufyan KakaKhel offered medicine from the available stock. He also suggested to send dry milk along with it.

And some news from Quetta!

Sve-Humans.org reaches Quetta with your assistance!

Bright are thy tresses, brighten them more :)

This is Allama Iqbal's prayer to Lord. It also reflects our desires!

The Agonising Story of Floods in South Punjab

Me and My Story:Ring...Ring...Ring... This was 2:30 am in the morning when i was having a sound sleep in my bed room in Lahore. My land line phone very unsually rings at this time. On the other side it was my younger sister who was weaping and shared with me that flood water is heading towards our native town "KARIM DAAD Qureshi" in Distt. Muzaffar Garh. This reminded me of my detailed discussion with my father 2 weeks back where i showed my concern about the same threat but he completely ignored my concern and advised me to fully concentrate on relief efforts in North.

A new project: Water-Filteration Plant !

When we reached Aza khel camp ( its on main GT road that runs between Peshawar and Nowshera), we took the data of each and every tent, there were only 53 families living there. We witnessed that tens of cars stop by the camp every hour and distribute different food items like milk, juices, ready meals etc.

Save-Humans responds to the call

It was an extraordinary effort put together by Sufyan and other Save-Humans members in Islamabad to make sure that we have all the necessary stuff ready before the next day. We really didn’t want those children to stay hungry any longer… food packages worth PKR 500,000/- were prepared overnight along with milk for children of various age groups.

Where there is a Will ... there's a Way

So far the spending for the food packages has surpassed 5.7 million PKR and the spending on medicines has been about 1.7 million PKR. Any one who read Sufyan's blog a few days back, where he mentioned save-humans.org aiming to reach around 70,000 people for flood relief...Well we have done it Alhamdulillah

The great disaster of time!

Everywhere in media Pakistanflood victims occupy the most attention. It is beyond expression how it feels to see stretching hands, fighting people for aid and destructions everywhere! These are our peope the Pakistanis. We must not forget they represent us, our country and it is very likely we would have been in the same condition.